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Maverick Media

In today’s interconnected world, the right messaging and communications strategy is vital. Whether you are promoting a new project or facing news media pressure, Maverick Media can help you achieve your goals while creating customized solutions that provide peace of mind for a variety of scenarios.

With a wealth of experience in business communications and media relations, Maverick Media has advised many of Canada’s leading corporate brands through media expertise and strategic communications services. Brands like, H&M, Lego, Mercedes-Benz, RBC, Consulate General of Iceland, and the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas, to name a few, have all benefited from Maverick Media’s public relations and publicity, crisis and issues management, brand enhancement, internal communications and media/risk management training and video storytelling.

If you’re looking to navigate an issue or create positive industry awareness, Maverick Media can lead you safely and swiftly to your goal of positive PR while reinforcing your organization’s reputation.

Our Services

Media Relations

Media relations is not just about making connections to get coverage. It’s about bolstering your reputation and giving your audience a reason to like you.  Your company or organization will stand out in the crowd if you consistently share with people what you represent.   With carefully crafted media relations and a social media strategy, you will strategically grow your audience and boost your brand power.  With over 15 years in media, Maverick Media can help you:

  • Develop customized media relations strategies that ensure maximized coverage.
  • Craft news releases that capture media attention on a specific initiative or issue.
  • Personally, pitch your story to key media personnel.
  • Set up interviews and conduct follow-up meetings with assignment editors, reporters and producers to ensure media support.
  • Assist with on-site hosting of media events.
  • Manage media in a reactive or controversial situation.
  • Media training and online reputation management.
  • Develop crisis response strategies.
Media Relations Training

Whether you are an interview veteran or have never faced the cameras, Maverick Media’s “The Art of Mastering the News Media” will work with you to project confidence and credibility during media interviews. Whether it’s one-on-one or in a group, each session is a realistic rehearsal that is customized to match your needs through a carefully blended mix of instruction, exercises and on-camera videotaped interviews.

Improve your skills and build confidence while learning how to best represent your company and maximize your chances of positive media coverage. Stay in control of your own message.  Know what you want to say and more importantly what you don’t.

Each session will teach you to:

  • Deliver key messages directly and effectively.
  • Be credible and confident in front of the camera and microphones.
  • Develop and deliver powerful key messages and sound bites. Say what is needed but no more.
  • Think like a reporter and package your message in a ‘media savvy’ manner.
  • Avoid media pitfalls and gracefully handle difficult or combative interview questions.
  • Maintain control of the interview and reinforce positive key messages.
  • Practice realistic on-camera interviews and receive constructive coaching on performance.
Crisis Communications Training & Management

You’re probably familiar with the quote, “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.” In the world of media relations, this is a harsh reality!  When a crisis occurs it’s essential to be ten steps in front of the media and not ten steps behind.  Your public reputation depends on it!  In “Under the Umbrella:  How to Weather a Media Storm”, former television news anchor/reporter, Nicole Harris guides executives through proven techniques to gain and maintain control during a crisis while protecting their organization’s reputation and credibility.

Learn how to: 

  • Balance the media’s demand with your organization’s best interests.
  • Deliver accurate information without appearing misinformed.
  • Negotiate an interview and maintain control while staying on message.
  • Identify media traps and mastering skills to avoid them.
  • Conduct on-camera interviews and crisis simulations with coaching
  • Manage appropriate body language.
  • Turn a negative situation into a positive experience.
Online Reputation Management Training

While success does not happen overnight, failure often does. It has been said that 30 years of building a brand can be destroyed in 30 seconds.  Maverick Media works with clients to protect their brand in a social media world with a proactive strategic approach.

Learn how to:   

  • Develop effective online reputation management policies and practices.
  • Create a solid reputation through messages and videos.
  • Tap into social media monitoring tools.
  • Respond immediately with a plan
  • Handle a crisis properly while maintaining your organization’s reputation and credibility.
Crisis Response Strategy

A crisis can happen to any organization, at any time. Maverick Media specializes in preparing people and organizations to manage a crisis before it hits with a customized Crisis Response Strategy so easy to execute that anyone can do it.  Nicole Harris will work with your organization to develop a strategy that provides a step-by-step guide for managing a crisis before, during and after.  Your customized crisis response strategy includes:

  • The emergency communications team, roles and responsibilities.
  • Initiating and sustaining communications responses.
  • Key messaging.
  • Guidelines for effective crisis communications.
  • Emergency communications team contact databases.
  • Extensive media contact databases and much more!
Video Storytelling - Maverick Voices

We are seeing a shift in the way people communicate, learn, consume and play. The Internet and social media have changed the way we interact and engage with information and each other.   The Internet has also changed the way we do business.  Today, most people use the Internet to research products, services and organizations before they make their decisions.  That’s where Maverick Voices comes in.

With Maverick Voices, you play the leading role. We find out what’s newsworthy about your business or organization and what keywords people are searching for that relate to it.  We then bring it all together in the form a concise, informative video that lives online, ready to be viewed by the very people that you are seeking to connect with.

About Maverick Media

Maverick Media has been providing executives in Canada with sound, strategic communications advice and guidance.   Founded by Nicole Harris, Maverick Media has worked with a long list of satisfied clients throughout Canada in both the private and public sectors, including health care organizations, banks, social advocacy groups, municipalities, retail, not-for-profits and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with each of our clients, immersing ourselves in their brands and understanding their Public Relations goals to create customized solutions.

In today’s fast paced business environment, perception is everything! With a wealth of experience in media relations, issues management and business communications, Maverick Media has the expertise to transform your brand identity, tailor strategies to combat negative situations and keep your reputation intact. Contact Maverick Media today to get the Maverick Media advantage working for you!

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