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About Nicole Harris, Maverick Media

As a former television news anchor and reporter, Nicole Harris takes a strategic approach to highlighting her clients’ strengths and successes. In her 15 years as a journalist, she has worked as a producer, reporter and main anchor in newsrooms in Canada. Her experience and expertise has given her the “inside scoop” on how to make sound judgements on what is newsworthy and best promoted through the news media. This is what sets Nicole Harris – Maverick Media apart from others who take a more promotional approach to public relations and has enabled Nicole to build credibility with the media.

Nicole focuses on shaping a company’s message and developing pitches while convincing media outlets to showcase or report on your story. The media are conduits for strong publicity and in today’s fast moving business environment, perception can be everything! With her wealth of experience in both television and radio, Nicole can carry you swiftly and safely to a common goal of positive industry awareness.

Phone Number: (204) 470-4555

Email Address: nharris@maverick-media.ca