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Media Training

News is instantaneous so you can never be too prepared for a media interview. Even the best professionals can make mistakes because they didn’t take the time to thoroughly prepare their message.

Nicole Harris’s The Art of Mastering the News Media is essential for every executive or company spokesperson that goes before the camera.

The Art of Mastering the News Media is designed for senior executives, company spokespeople, public relations, board members or public affairs and communications professionals who could be interviewed by television, newspaper or radio reporters.

This interactive one-day workshop is customized to meet each client’s specific requirements and will give anyone the power to turn even the most complex media situations to their advantage. Learn the secrets to working with, not against, the media. See a huge improvement in your confidence and ability to control media interviews in just one day.

The Art of Mastering the Media session delivers:

  • Dozens of useful tips on how to “ace” a media interview.
  • Realistic rehearsals with interactive “on camera” role playing.
  • Constructive coaching of performance.
  • Practical advice on how to develop “news hooks” and craft unique and creative press kits that will get your organization noticed.
  • Proactive media strategies to impress even the toughest board member, client or boss.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the reporter’s goals and needs.
  • Prepare and develop key messages with sound bites that sizzle.
  • Take control of the interview and handle tricky and tough questions.
  • Develop confidence and composure in front of the cameras and microphones.
  • Sell the toughest editor in 10 seconds or less.
  • Triple the news coverage you are getting now.

Nicole Harris has captured all the key points of professional media training in The Art of Mastering the Media, a 190 page DIY Guide to mastering the media. Click here to order now!